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This is a body lift for a Nissan Xterra, years ranging from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004. This will lift the body of your vehicle 2 inches, for a more aggressive look and the ability to fit 33 inch tires without rubbing. If installed correctly the lift will not effect your suspension components, and you will have the same ride quality as before the lift was completed. The body pucks are 2in tall X 2.5in wide made of UMHW POLYETHYLENE, tougher than any fiberglass filled pucks. The hardware is the highest of grade. (Grade 8 for standard or 10.9 for metric.

There are several different options of this lift, choose what suits your need.
-The option that includes bumper brackets will ONLY INCLUDE the front bumper brackets and not the rear.
-The rear bumper needs be removed and the OEM bracket will need to be redrilled to raise the bumper into its new location.
-The radiator hose is not required, but I highly recommend adding the hose to prevent possible radiator damage down the road.
-I also provide the option to purchase just the hardware for the lift, you will just need to source your own body blocks.

Fits: First Generation Nissan Xterra Automatic and manual transmission 2x4, 2 wheel drive, 4x4, 4 wheel drive. 

Installation instructions will not be shipped with parts, but a recommended website link can be sent.

All parts are brand new, have not been installed. 

Bumper brackets are for OEM bumper only and will help raise just the bumper cover with the body of the Xterra.

1" and 2" Body Lift fits 2000-2004 Nissan Xterra