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VG33 Supercharged Intake Manifold Spacer


This spacer will allow for lower intake air temperature readings as the UHMWPE prevents the heat from entering the Intake runners. With the spacer being 10mm thick it also creates a longer intake runner allowing the air entering the engine to not be so turbulant compared to the stock turbulant air due to the short length the air has to travel. On top of those benefits with colder air flowing through the engine as well as a longer, more smooth path of air this allows for a more usable power band as you can tell in the SC VG33 we put on a dyno, but also allows for more power! Let your engine breathe, perform and respond better with one of these intake manifold spacers!


Why UHMWPE and not Aluminum? Aluminum thermal conductivity is a HIGH 237 W/M-K at 20 degrees Celcius while UHMWPE is a SUPER LOW 0.410 W/M-K at 20 degrees Celcius. meaning aluminum will trasnfer WAY MORE heat than UHMWPE, so if aluminum was used it would not prevent the heat soaking and would NOT lower intake manifold temperatures. UHMWPE does start to melt at 270 degrees Farenheit so please do not purposefully overheat your engine and run with it as you can run the risk of deforming/warping your spacer. We have thuroughly tested this piece in a bearing oven at 230 degrees for 10 continuous hours, bolted between 2 pieces of steel and there were no signs of melting or warping. These engines typically run at 180-190 degrees Farenheit in the engine bay, so no need to worry!



  • 10 new bolts
  • 10 washers
  • 10 lock washers
  • IMS spacer
  • ultra copper RTV (optional)


Other gaskets may be needed as some may need to be removed to install intake manifold spacer.


If you decide to not include RTV you will need 2 intake plenum gaskets.



SC VG33 Intake Manifold Spacer